Agenera helps investors and businesses answer their most critical energy questions.

Agenera creative energy delivers business results, through leading energy management and consulting.

Areas of Agenera Consulting:

Energy Technologies

  • Sourcing energy technology, RFPs and RFQs.
  • Time to market estimates
  • Due diligence and technology evaluations
  • Cross platform and hybrid technologies
  • Disruptive technology strategies

Digital Technologies

  • Applying digital to existing applications
  • Sourcing computer technology
  • Monitoring and measurement

Business Strategies

  • Intellectual property protection, licensing, acquisition
  • Strategic inflection points
  • Business ecology building
  • Business model alternatives

Emerging Markets

  • Time to money analysis
  • Value chains and value analysis
  • Geographic prioritization
  • Demand/price forecasts
  • Market sizing

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