Agenera specializes in management and consulting for energy technology. 

What if you knew the next winning energy products? Energy investors and executives want to know, how will my energy choice be successful? Agenera specializes in management and consulting for emerging energy technology investments.  Agenera’s creative energy, our special combination of energy and digital technology knowledge, with business strategy and emerging markets experience, helps you generate 10X results. At Agenera we help investors fulfill their promise in energy markets.

Who we serve: Individual private equity investors, VCs, M&A departments, angel investors, startup executives, energy and energy equipment OEMs, financial institutions, industry professionals, regulators, technology firms.

Our technology coverage: Oil and gas projects, intelligent energy systems, solar, energy storage, cooling, smart grid, powertrains and their electronics, semiconductors, biofuels, energy recovery, hybrid energy systems.

Customer project examples:  Oil and gas investment funds, technology evaluations, due diligence, business strategy, emerging market timing, business models, intellectual property protection and revenues, financial analysis, demand/price forecasts, market analysis and sizing, business ecology building.

What we deliver: Energy investment management, time based consulting, and fixed fee projects.

Our special skills:

  • Skating to the puck.  When will new technology become viable in the marketplace? When can new energy be introduced for maximum success? How to build business ecosystems.
  • Inflection points. What are the long term energy megatrends? How fast will the world convert from carbon based to non carbon based energy sources? How can digital technology combine with energy technology? Which technologies will prevail? Our backgrounds in semiconductors, computers and energy give us a unique view of the opportunities for growth.
  • Make it work. What turns technology into business opportunities? What business models work? Our careers have been based in bringing new technologies to market.
  • What thrills us: We get a kick from helping you launch new technology in the marketplace. Growing it to profitability. Going public. We love attention grabbing product intros. We love new ideas that are game changers.
  • Results: Get 10X business success. Pick the right technologies at the right time. Know where to spend and where to be conservative. Align your resources with anticipated growth. Successfully compete with larger, entrenched companies. Anticipate new investments, Stay abreast of emerging technologies.

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